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The Emerging Class – Change Agents

Things are in a constant state of flux. Technology is eating the industries that touch our daily lives. The rate of change is so quick, and so random, the best indication we have for seeing where things are headed is private market investments in small technology companies, and the acquisitions of those small companies by larger corporations. These investments surface from underlying trends in a [...]

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Learning from people & taking an active role in receiving advice

Alternative title: understanding how someone thinks is more important than learning what they’ve done. As far as I can tell, I learn best from other people. For a long time, I thought this learning process may be some kind of skill for mimicking others. I’ve never had any issues fitting in with different groups and can have great conversations with most people regardless of what they value. [...]

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Meta Game – How video games changed my life

Alternative title:  See mom, video games weren’t a complete waste of time. I’ve played video games my entire life. I can remember Christmas break 99′ our family crowded around the Nintendo 64 to watch the final boss fight in Zelda: Ocarina of Time. It was a really powerful moment my brother and I had been working towards for weeks and it had finally come to it’s conclusion. [...]

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The worst they can say is no

When I graduated from university I thought I was destined to work at an advertising agency. I reached out to former alumni from my school on LinkedIn, and wrote tons of custom cover letters telling my story. This went on for months until an entrepreneur starting a technology company took a chance on me and put me in charge of marketing his app. It’s worth mentioning that the job wouldn’t [...]

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The Disconnected Professional

Why your core network is your most important resource Early in my career I was bullish and self destructive when it came to building my network. I would go to conferences and events on the “hunt” for anyone that would get me closer to my goals. A robot, who skipped formalities and got right to the point. What can you do for me? My problem was that I often confused “networking” with “selling”. [...]

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