GitHub’s reputation as a tool for developers to collaborate on code contributions is well known, as is it’s use in open source. However the tool still hasn’t broken through on large scale use for product planning on private project.

At Shopify we’re not large consumers of project management software so you’ll see teams leveraging docs and sheets more than anything else for planning product roadmaps.

Enter the new project view in GitHub – a versatile tool for planning your roadmap. LINK to DEMO

Out of the box it’s a great sheets like view with columns and rows to add roadmap items as individual github issues.

The view is a shared one where any collaborator can be added.

Grouping roadmap items by “triage to” helps us determine whether we should own the issue and if it belong son our roadmap or if it’s a smaller backlog task.

Depending on the audience we can create a separate view of the same content, like this Kanban view for quickly moving projects along in their lifecycle.

Or this view for managers to track in progress /planned work and when they will be complete.

Any changes made to a single view are reflected in the others.

So far we’ve had a lot of success with the tool and I hope to leverage workflow automation soon to take away some of the routing grooming of the roadmap.

Happy planning!